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  1. Hello Eric,
    Greg Newton at BGSQD bookstore, in Strange Loop Gallery, suggested I get in touch. I did a reading at the Bi Lines Bisexual Book Awards at the Nuyorican recently and got to meet Greg and Donnie in person and they’re great. I love their hutzpah in doing the bookstore. They mentioned events are their lifeblood so I thought I could do something there but would prefer not to do a solo performance.
    My novel, Mount Royal, is set in Montreal and many of the characters waver between gay and bisexual.
    Anyway, after the award night last Sunday June 2nd, I took a train to Montreal to visit friends. I’m Canadian originally but have lived aboard for a long time, in the US, Europe and the past couple years, Bangkok. I got detained at the border due to my little bisexual bowling trophy Bi Lines Award. Then they saw a copy of my novel and that was it. Hauled off the train, they confronted me with threats of having broken the law by importing ‘prohibited’ and ‘possibly obscene’ material. They seized my laptop and phone. It was absurd. We’re stopped in a cow field somewhere and these border fools are done up like Robocop, wearing these very kinky black latex surgical gloves. I was held for about 8 hours, interrogated about my intentions and child porn- of course. Their attitude was that naturally I’m under suspicion, any reasonable person would see that. I’m white, sexually deviant, 55 years old, and I’ve been living in Thailand. It was ironic I read your story Margin of Tolerance. I’d love to talk with you more about that and your other work.
    So… Greg and Donnie are holding Friday June 28th for a performance and I’ll try to use the border faff as publicity, along with winning the Bi Lines Award, and if nothing else, we can have a nice party and drink some good wine and enjoy their delightful premises and gab the night away.
    It could just be the two of us performing, or Greg suggested we could be joined by Simon Jacobs, whose work I believe was in a Lethe Press anthology with a story of yours. Greg and I were thinking about 20 minutes each or so, making it about an hour. I’ll leave the time and other details to he and Donnie but if you’re interested, you can have a look at my stuff at:
    If you could cc Greg with your reply, we can all stay in the loop, etc. He’s at:
    Thanks so much and hope to meet soon!

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