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Sure, you could wait until 5/31 and buy it on Amazon. But why not get a signed, personalized, ADVANCE copy from yours truly? Yes, Amazon is cheaper. But imagine I’m an indie bookstore. Would you want me to go out of business? Ok, wait, bad argument–I’m not an indie bookstore. And you should support indie bookstores! But you might want a personalized copy. And I may not be visiting your town in the near future. And it’s probably easier to buy it from me than to buy it from the indie bookstore and then mail it to me to sign. Why would you do that?


How Fancy?


2 thoughts on “Signed Copies

  1. I bought Margins of Tolerance from Amazon and really enjoyed it. I want you to send a signed copy to a friend of mine.

    • Hi Edwin,

      Thanks so much for purchasing the book and for your kind words! I’ll be happy to send your friend a signed copy; PayPal has forwarded me the name and address you provided. Unfortunately, I am at a writers’ residency until June 20th, and do not have access to my hardcovers. Once I return, I will ship the book the next day. I feel bad about the wait, so if you’d like, I can send you a signed bookmark and postcard, if you provide me your address. You can contact me at the email address listed on the website.

      I appreciate your support!

      Eric Sasson

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