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Very excited that the Wall Street Journal, the New Republic, GOOD and other outlets have given me the opportunity to share my thoughts on issues concerning politics, culture and the LGBT community.

Here I’ve gathered some of my articles under one banner. Please click on the links below:

The Amateur’s Guide To Community Organizing

How To Turn Your 2016 Fury Into Fuel For 2017

Trump Says He’ll Eradicate Terrorism. He’s Inviting It Instead.

Democrats Need to Oppose Trump’s Cabinet Picks En Masse

The Liberal Response to Trump Is Devolving Into Outrage Porn

Democrats Need a Tea Party of the Left

Yesterday, I Took Time To Grieve. Today, I’m Ready For Action

Infographic: How Gay Marriage Finally Won In The U.S. Supreme Court 

New HBO Doc About Trans-Friendly Tailors Shows Us That All Bodies Are Worthy of Great Clothes

Why Gun Control Should Be The Next Gay Cause

I’m Gay. I’m With Hillary. I Went To A Trump Rally Undercover.

The Human Rights Campaign Is Proving Bernie Right

Who Is the Hillary Voter?

RuPaul on the Timeless Power of Drag


How Social Media has Changed Love on the Road

Are Racial, Sexual, and Anti-Gay Slurs Ever Okay? 

Jodie Foster’s Glass Closet

Why Richard Blanco’s Inaugural Poem Hit Home For Gays and Struggling Poets 

How Gay Rights Became A Political Football at the Super Bowl 

Will the Boy Scouts Earn a Merit Badge for Gay Rights?

Macklemore Bucks Trends With Pro-Gay Raps, Thrift Shopping

Do New Apps Make Online Dating Too Easy?

‘Kinky Boots’ Gives Drag Culture Extra Kick

A Game-Changer For Gay Athletes?

The Boy Scouts’ Halfhearted Shift on Gay Rights

Why Today’s Cool Kids Might Skip Abercrombie and Fitch

Almodóvar Aims For the Sexy Side of An Economic Crisis

Is Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage and ‘Ender’s Game’ Just Starting?

Gay Country Star Steve Grand’s Meteoric Rise


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