Advance Praise

“At times disturbing, at times challenging, but always immensely readable, these stories of cultural exchange and cultural misunderstanding are all masterfully rendered. Eric Sasson is a seriously gifted writer who has uncovered a powerful, haunting truth, that we only know we’ve reached the margins of tolerance when we come face-to-face with the intolerable.”

—JUSTIN TORRES, author of We the Animals

“Margins of Tolerance is thoughtful, funny, and fearless. Eric Sasson gives us an ensemble of slick, saucy, often evasive characters and strips them naked one by one. He’s an outstanding writer who shows us that judgment and unconditional love can indeed coexist—not peacefully, but beautifully.”

—ALEXANDER YATES, author of Moondogs

“In Margins of Tolerance—such poignantly narrow margins—Eric Sasson brilliantly explores what it means to be a gay man in the twenty-first century, from Peru to Brazil, and from Russia to the manicured suburban lawns of America, torn between his primal impulses and the cravings for bourgeois respectability.”

—CATHERINE TEXIER, author of Breakup and Victorine

“Both witty and sorrowful, Eric Sasson’s stories remind us of what we escape when we travel, and what we can’t outrun. Margins of Tolerance is elegant, sexy, and heart-wrenching—a journey to remember for a long time.”

—ANNA NORTH, author of America Pacifica

“Fearless yet sensitive, part diatribe, part plea, the stories in this bold debut collection dare to cross the line again and again. Stylistically, thematically, tonally. But Sasson keeps a foot firmly planted on either side of it, remaining ever poised to kick back before suffering another blow—retaliation for showing us that the line still exists despite its invisibility in a world that swears it has progressed. Outrage has never been so brazenly or hilariously served. ‘We will watch and hang on every word, no matter how damned the world is,’ says the narrator in the book’s first story, ‘Floating.’ You will hang on too. Find it hard to let go. Or at least put down.”

—MICHAEL MONTLACK, author of Cool Limbo and My Diva

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