Enclave Reading Series at Cake Shop


The Enclave Reading Series

This past Saturday I was lucky to be a part of the latest installment of the Enclave Reading Series over at Cake Shop on Ludlow Street in the Lower East Side. I’m used to doing readings in the evening, so I wasn’t sure how a Saturday afternoon reading would go. What a pleasant surprise! Not only was the space super cool–dark and fabulous and kitschy all at once–but the crowd was geared up and the other readers were all excellent.

The Enclave Reading Series is in its sixth year, curated and hosted by Jason Napoli Brooks and Jim Freed. Both of them couldn’t be any friendlier.

Jason was our MC and he looked all dapper in his button down white shirt and tie. J.E. Reich kicked things off with a story about a British spy which was published in Armchair/Shotgun. The piece was gripping and tense, and while I would have loved to hear her read it in a British accent, I understand from personal experiences with my own stories why she didn’t choose to. It’s hard to sustain an accent for 10-15 minutes!

M. Craig read an excerpt from her “lesbian steampunk thriller” novel, The NarrowsMaggie (sorry, I just outed your first name, M!) is the founder of Papercut Press and has an awesome stage presence, kind of like the I don’t give a fuck rock star chick we all secretly dream we were. From what I heard, the novel sounds awesome.

After the break, “Special Guest Star” Laurie Weeks wowed us with her wacky recipe for nachos. I don’t think I’ll look at a postcard the same way again. Laurie is the author of the LAMBDA-award winning novel, Zippermouth, which so happens to be one of my favorite books of last year, so it was a true pleasure to share the stage with her.

Elizabeth Reddin was up next, and she brought props. A boom box circa 1980 and a bunch of mix tapes which held the background music to accompany the readings of her poems from her collection, The Hot Garment of Love is Insecure. I totally loved the music, and how original her performance was.

I rounded out the evening by reading an excerpt from “Body and Mind” as well as “The Coming Revolution.” I’d never read those pieces together and it’s sort of a weird transition from a really tense piece to a straight-up funny one. It takes a bit of adjustment on the audience’s part, I think.

The Enclave Series runs once a month at Cake Shop, so you should check it out. Thanks to everyone who came out, the other readers, and Jason for inviting me!

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