Belated Round-up: KGB, WSJ and Novel Conception Blog

Normally I write a short post after every reading I do. Alas, I have been derelict this time. Not because the KGB reading wasn’t awesome. It’s just that I’ve been distracted by other things like home repair and the election and just life in general.

First things first: I want to mention two pieces I wrote that have recently gone up. One was my article, “How Social Media has Changed Love On the Road” for the Wall Street Journal online blog, Speakeasy. You can read it here. Major thanks to Barbara Chai for this great opportunity. Barbara is one of the people who run Speakeasy and we had discussed a bunch of ideas for an article, mostly about my story collection and what it’s like to win a contest. But that seemed a bit narrow for the WSJ audience, so Barbara suggested I write something about Grindr et. al, a topic I have to admit to being pretty familiar with ;P

Another piece I wrote just went up at my friend Sabra Wineteer’s new blog for novelists, Novel Conception. Sabra has gathered a whole bunch of her novelist friends to write occasional posts about what it’s like to tackle a novel, from conception to revision to marketing to sales and beyond. It’s definitely worth checking out–just click on the name above, or you can access my specific post here.

As for KGB, what a treat it was to read there. It’s sort of every writer’s dream to read at KGB since it’s one of the most prestigious and well-known reading series in the city. Plus the bar itself is such a trip and it’s one of the few places that serve Baltika beer, a nice dose of nostalgia from my SLS St. Petersburg days. I wish I had better pictures, but the bar is (appropriately) dark. It was great reading with Marie-Helene Bertino again. Her collection, Safe as Houses, is out now and it’s such a funny, brilliant book. Check out her site here. The other reader was Gregory Spatz, who came all the way from Washington state. Greg read a terrific piece from his new novel, Inukshuk. Check out his website here

Many thanks to the fabulous Suzanne Dottino who runs KGB‘s Sunday night reading series for her enthusiasm and support, as well as to all my friends who made it out. I was a little nervous to read such a fresh piece and I was pleased with the reaction. All in all, a great evening and a nice bookend to the Brooklyn Book Fest!



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