Why There Are Words: the tour begins

How fantastic is it to be in San Francisco after ten days of infernal ninety plus heat in NY! It’s hard to believe it’s July here because it’s so damn cold. Not that I’m complaining. This is a great place to start a mini book tour. And I’m super lucky to be staying at my friends’ (the fabulous Famille Fell, aka Sam and Alex) gorgeous home in the Inner Richmond. This place is a palace.

I was very excited when Peg Alford Pursell invited me to join her line-up of super talented writers at the Why There Are Words reading series in Sausalito. A few of my friends have read for WTAW in the past and recommended it highly to me. I can see why now.

Marcos (my ex) who’s accompanying me on the first half of this trip asked me what kind of place Studio 333 was–a bar? A lounge? A restaurant? I had no idea, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover it was a super-cool art gallery, and one of the nicest spaces I’ve had the pleasure of reading at so far.

Getting there was certainly an adventure. The Richmond is actually pretty close to Sausalito on a map. That is, if you have a car. If you don’t, it’s a bus ride across town to catch the ferry to Sausalito, which let’s face it ain’t half bad. We were worried about getting back to SF after the reading, and although my fellow readers offered us lifts to Berkeley or Oakland, we were certainly relieved that our friends Rich and Josh showed up and just so happen to have driven in from the Sunset. Thanks for the lift home, guys!

I was really excited to be part of a line-up featuring Joy Lazendorfer, Lauren Becker, Joe Clifford, Sere Prince Halverson, Ericka Lutz, and Aimee Phan. The theme was “After All” which judging from the incredibly variety of the readings–flash fiction, excerpts from memoirs and a variety of novels, meant different things to each of us. (Not going to lie here. I didn’t think much about the theme when selecting what to read. I usually decide based on how long my slot is. I had eight minutes, so I chose the shortest piece in the collection, “The Coming Revolution,” which, funny enough, takes exactly eight minutes to read.)

The evening was really well curated. Peg did an amazing job filling up the house, and there were even programs made! Shamncy. Lots of pictures are up on Facebook already, with video and podcasts already available on the WTAW website, which you can find by clicking here (video) or here (podcasts).

Thanks to my friends who came out to support me. I was excited to meet my fellow readers and hear their work! I couldn’t have asked for a better kick-off to my world (ahem) national (ahem) West Coast (ok, that’s accurate) tour!

Next up: Smack Dab at the Magnet Center in the Castro tomorrow night! Come out if you can!


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