Unnameable Books Reading

Monday night was great! The rain cleared just in time as we gathered in the gravel-strewn outdoor space in the back of Unnameable Books for our reading. It was nice to see most of the chairs filled up, and really great to have our little reunion of sorts: Anna, Anne-E and I all met in Rick Moody and Kathryn Harrison’s class at the New York State Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College six years ago.

Anna North read first, from her novel, freshly out in paperback. Love the new cover, Anna! I followed with a new piece, a prosey-poem called “Instruction Manual.” I’ve done so many readings from the collection in the past two months so I was eager to gauge audience reaction to something new. (Really new. “Unvetted” as I called it. Sloppy perhaps, but I think it went over fairly well)

Anne-E. Wood then read from her novel-in-progress. She really knows how to captivate an audience. I know I’m a pretty forceful (i.e.,loud) reader but Anne-E. is inspiring. She really commits to her prose and brings the words to life in such an engaging way.

Unnameable is the type of bookstore all neighborhoods crave: intimate, relaxed, and full of charm, and full of new and used books in categories both familiar and quirky. (Anna  told us the “Used Drugs” section may have disappeared, something which used drugs tend to do) Adam and Penelope do an awesome job running it and since they also buy used books there’s no better place for all your book-buying needs.


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