Featured Writer of the Month at Connotation Press


Very excited to be this month’s featured writer over at Connotation Press. Click on the link above to check out my story, “Author’s Journals to the Dictionary of Hannibal Schaumberg, the Language of Non-existent Words” as well as my interview with the editor-in-chief, Meg Tuite, where we talk about the failure of language, the grandiose inner dialogues of Russian writers, and one of my favorite inspirational quotes. Meg is one of the most enthusiastic and positive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and she’s also a great writer.

I mentioned this on Facebook a few months ago, how surprised I was to receive the acceptance letter from Meg less than twenty four hours after sending the story out. I had a lot of feedback on this piece, and a great deal of it wasn’t positive, so it was heartening to have someone feel so strongly about it. Only three days later, another magazine asked to publish the story–I hadn’t gotten around to withdrawing it from consideration–so I felt even more heartened that I hadn’t given up on it. In a later post, I’m going to discuss how the process of workshopping and receiving rejection (and yes, even acceptance) letters can dramatically affect how we perceive our own work.

Thanks for reading!

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