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What a true pleasure it was to be part of last night’s amazing line-up of readers in celebration of BLOOM’s current issue. If you don’t know, BLOOM is arguably the best literary mag out there that focuses on LGBT writers and content. The tireless Charles Flowers founded the magazine, and I am so honored to be included in this issue. Some of the best LGBT writers the world over have been contributors.

The reading was held at the Gay and Lesbian Center in the West Village and the line-up included seven poets with my reading sandwiched in between–or as I said when I went up to the stage (in true diva fashion), I was the Madonna half time show of the poetry Superbowl. Each of us read from our pieces published in BLOOM; I read an excerpt from my story “Body and Mind”, and I was very happy to see more than sixty people in the audience!

The fabulous readers included Jan Freeman, Saeed Jones, Joan Larkin, Daniel Lee, Bo McGuire, Michael Montlack and Elaine Sexton. The poems were fantastic–both playful and mournful, funny and moving, sometimes in the same piece. I’m in awe of the precision of their language, their rhythm, the terrific use of repetition and their fearlessness.

Many of us wore flowery shirts (or should I just say blouses?) in honor of the magazine. Big thanks to Michael Montlack for once again proving he’s the best organizer around. Thanks also to Charles for continuously putting out an amazing product, and to all of my fellow contributors. Lastly, major thanks to all those who came out, who purchased the recent issue and back issues, and a special thanks to my friends who came out to support me–it means so much that you’re willing to be there!

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  1. Happy blog-o-versary! And a fine “about” page that is. I find they are so hard to do well (why I still haven’t written one), and you have done just that!

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