Everything Will be Fine. Better than Fine.

I’m supposed to be using this space to tell you how super psyched I am about my launch party at the Gowanus Ballroom in two days(!)–and believe me, I am–and how great it’s going to be–it probably will be–but I’m also riddled with anxiety. I’ve hosted many parties in my day, but none anywhere near as big as this one is looking to be. About 150 people have said yes via the invites or directly to me, and now that the bands and other people have invited another 800 people (on top of the almost 500 I invited), I’m guessing that there might be even more than that. Which is a great thing, as all publicity is a great thing. But I also feel like I hyped the party a lot, and now I have to deliver, especially with quite a few people flying (from L.A., Florida, Toronto, Seattle) or driving/busing (DC, Boston) in to attend. The last thing I want anyone to feel is, I came all the way for this?

The space is pretty great, but it’s also really raw. I’ve been dropping stuff off all week, and well, it’s a working metal works studio, which means it’ not going to look like a place to throw a party until probably a few hours before, which I know is just fine, but makes me nervous. I had to gather up a healthy amount of folding chairs because there’s really nowhere to sit, and even though it doesn’t feel like a space where people want to sit, I also know that a lot of peeps don’t like to stand for a long time. There should be some cool art up on the walls, but I’m not in charge of that, so who knows. There will definitely be an indoor tree house. That I can guarantee.

As much as I’d like to think the big draw is the book launch, I know it’s all about the entertainment. I feel super psyched about Susan Burn’s two fire dancing performances, hearing the simply incredible Maya Solovey perform live, and dancing up a storm to the Discosticks tearing through a whole host of great female pop song covers. These performers will make the party, and if they’re the dessert that gets people to taste the broccoli of my reading, I’m OK with it.(Not that my reading is good for you)  I’ll try to be entertaining too, but writers are no match for musicians and dancers.

So why all this anxiety? The band needs a bass amp and drum kit, and I had to track those down, which took a while, but it seems like I have and I’m picking both up tomorrow. Of course I imagine several things going wrong: the drums don’t work (is that even possible?) or the amp blows out or the whole sound system breaks down or Brooklyn has a blackout or a hurricane. We run out of food (likely; I’m not feeding 150+ people) or people get lost because it’s a bit hard to find (also likely, but eventually, everyone will find it. Or not.) or someone decides to get super drunk and trip over a sculpture or down the stairs or start a fight. Worse than all that:  almost no one buys the book! Aaah! That would be bad.

Ok, taking several deep breaths. I will enjoy myself and whatever happens. People will have fun. The crowd will be a great, totally manageable size and no one will feel shortchanged. The book will move and some will actually read it and some of those some might recommend it to others, and so on and so on. Yes. That’s it.

See you Saturday!


2 thoughts on “Everything Will be Fine. Better than Fine.

  1. Eric, it’s going to be a smashing success! I’m sure of it: try not to stress too much because the only person that will ruin it for will be you.

    Also, remember this, if the press is good then it almost doesn’t matter how the actual event went down. Spin City, baby, Spin City!

    • thanks, Jason. I’m sure it will be great. Just nervous! But I’m feeling the love, and it’s all good. Can’t wait to celebrate!

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