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On Wednesday my flight back home from FLL was delayed three hours. My consolation prize: five heavy boxes waiting for me outside my apartment door. The books had arrived! All one hundred fifty of them. At last, after all that work: the final product.

Why so many copies, you’re asking? (OK, you’re not asking, but indulge me.) Well, I wasn’t given an advance for the book. Instead I was paid with copies. You know where this is headed, don’t you?

So yes, I’d very much appreciate it if, having decided you want to buy a copy (or copies. Why stop at one?), that you buy them directly from me. You can order via PayPal right here on the website. (At least I hope you can. Just because I think I set PayPal up right doesn’t mean I did.) Copies will also be available at the book launch. (May 5th!) Now I realize this isn’t the cheapest way to get the book, so to sweeten the deal I will include some schwag with your purchase. Not just a personalized, signed copy. Postcards! Bookmarks! Magnets! While supplies last…

Another good option–say you don’t trust me or the USPS with your book purchase needs–is to buy the book at your local indie bookstore starting May 30th. If they don’t have it, ask them to order it for you. I’m pretty sure they will. Indie bookstores are vital. They not only host readings and discussions and bring book lovers together but they promote small presses in ways that online booksellers cannot. Some have comfy chairs and some have cats and pretty much all have bespectacled staff that are oftentimes geeky and shy in that hot way.

You could buy the book from Amazon. And if you’re a dedicated Kindle user, that option will be available for you in July. But just a suggestion? If you do buy physical books, buy at least a few of them from places other than Amazon. Trust me, this is NOT a dig at Amazon. I use Amazon all the time. For purchases other than books especially. I bought a toaster oven from Amazon last month.

Of course you may have no intention of buying the book at all, in which case it’s sweet of you to have read this far. I must be boring you. You know what won’t bore you? My book. Available for purchase here. (Hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying…)






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